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    Arguably one of the most luxurious and opulent spas in all of Asia, the Mudita Spa by BOREI ANGKOR is a tranquil and serene environment aimed at pampering and indulging all of your senses in traditional Cambodian flair.

    A full service parlor, the Mudita Spa offers traditional Khmer massage and our exclusive J’Pong herbal steam therapy, as well as facial and body scrubs, hand and foot care and depilation treatments complete with our in-house hair salon.
    A Heart of 'Mudita' by BOREI ANGKOR

    A Heart of 'Mudita'

    A Sanskrit word meaning sympathetic joy or the happiness derived from seeing other people happy.

    With eight rooms and one villa (17 treatment beds) Mudita Spa BOREI ANGKOR offers traditional Khmer massage and signature J'Pong herbal steam therapy. Additional services include: facial and body scrub, hand and foot care, and depilation treatments. The spa also contains a hair salon with manicure and pedicure available.
    Outdoor Scrub & J'pong

    Outdoor Scrub & J'pong

    In addition to our secluded sauna and steam rooms, Mudita Spa by BOREI ANGKOR tantalizes for female guests with an outdoor bathtub and rain shower as well as two J’pong rooms to help rejuvenate the senses and savor the tranquil spirit that is the essence of Cambodian culture.
    Heathy Spa Package

    Heathy Spa Package

    After a long day touring temples and surrounding villages, there is no better way to escape civilization than by treating yourself to a luxurious spa treatment in one of our discreet sanctuaries.
    Kerstin Florian

    Kerstin Florian

    The hallmark of a spa is undeniably the skincare products used within. At the Mudita Spa by BOREI ANGKOR, we exclusively use Kerstin Florian products, which are widely considered to be among the most superlative skincare products ever made. By only using the very best products, we ensure our ability to provide the most tranquil and rejuvenating spa experience, blending ancient Cambodian technique with modern and healthy creams, oils and gels.
    J'pong Signature Therapy

    J'pong Signature Therapy

    Revive your body and calm your aura by relaxing in a fog of herbal steam infused with a blend of natural botanicals and Cambodian herbs. Traditionally used to clear the airway and promote circulation, the J’pong healing also helps to relieve stress and replenish your energy, allowing you to carry on through your day with serenity and bliss
    Day Pass Visitor

    Day Pass Visitor

    Adult fee: USD 10.00 | Child fee: USD 05.00

    For those interested in enjoying the tranquility of one of the world’s foremost spas, our day pass offers visitors the chance to relax in our sauna and steam rooms, the hot and cold Jacuzzi, our swimming pool and fitness center. This is an exemplary way of enjoying all the Mudita Spa by BOREI ANGKOR has to offer, even if you’re not staying at the hotel.

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