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        Once-in-a-Lifetime Temple Dining Experience at Angkor Complex

        A spellbinding experience that captivates the senses and transports you into a world of enchantment, our most treasured guests can be whisked away for a momentous, once-in-a-lifetime dining experience like no other deep inside the forest temple for a private showing from the world renowned Royal Ballet of Apsara.

        • A twilight dinner, NEVER experienced before…inside the world-renowned Angkor complex.
        • Dining like a king and queen at your private temple, letting the scenery transport you back for an evening in the Great Khmer Empire.
        • Your personal chef, serving you his creatively owned recipes of authentic Khmer cuisine and will only be served in this once-in-a-lifetime setting.
        • Children from a local orphanage sharing cultural activities and traditional dances for you.
        • Knowing that a donation to help the children is included in this special dining experience at a temple.

        Reservations for your exclusive temple dining can be made via +85515429222 and mice@innotality.com.

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