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    Flight of the Gibbon

    As a result of certain unavoidable conditions, the Siem Reap Zip line course is only partially operational for a while. It will be running between 1-10 station and stations 11-21 will remain closed as they are revamping the safety of these stations in the best interests of tourists. Although the number of stations are small as of now, it still remains one of the safest places in Asia and the customer service provided is unparalleled, making it one of the must do things in Siem Reap.

    When you visit the Angkor Course, you can carry out the following activities:

    Spending 45 minutes of time and capturing different views from 10 different stations.
    Make use of the 3 single zip lines and 1 double zip line to crisscross your way through the jungle.
    Roam on the two hanging bridges to explore the jungle.
    Understand the flora and fauna of Angkor jungle.
    Enjoy in the cutting edge safety equipment used by the Sky Rangers.
    Indulge yourself in a Cambodian traditional meal.
    Avail the free shuttle service from any area in Siem Reap or its vicinity.
    If you are lucky, you might also spot gibbons

    For reservations and transportation arrangement, please contact us through E: tourdesk@boreiangkor.com | T: +855 63 964 406.

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